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2019 Winners
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Michela Ciappini

Sculpting Since: 2003
Location: Italy

Michela’s artistic ambition was simple.  She wanted to draw.  And so she did, studying at the Art Institute in Italy.  But it was during a scenery course that she discovered a new direction for her creativity.  She worked as a set designer on several productions, creating background paintings and sculptures.

Then, in 2003, while at the beach near her home, she began carving sand as a way to visualize her ideas for stage sets.  “I used sand sculpting as a way to train myself as an artist,” Michela said.  Soon Michela was hooked on the beauty of the medium.

And now art lovers throughout the world are hooked on the beauty that Michela creates in sand, as she carves incredible variations of the human form. “There are so many different styles of composition,” she said. “It’s amazing what you can do with only sand and water.” Amazing, indeed.

Notable Achievements:

  • First place doubles with Joris Kivits, 2012 Neptune Festival, Virginia Beach
  • Third place solo, 2012 U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge, San Diego

Website: http://www.michelaciappini.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michela.ciappini